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Little Fish Waffle

It has been confirmed that I don't like cooking things the normal way.

That explained why I never had the interest in making regular waffles. But with the new tool I acquired, it is now getting more interesting - how can you resist a fish shaped waffle? It is most popular in Korea as a street eat. The cool thing about it is you can stuff it with many possible fillings. The most common filling would be red bean paste - the staple dessert choice in south and east part of Asia. My choice, however, is ham and cheese. After all, living in the states for the past 17 years have made some dent in me.

Any waffle recipe should work here. My learning is that it is best to use the cake flour instead of all purpose for better texture. For the filling, I used aged cheddar and roasted turkey. Ham would work as well but my 7-year-old concluded that the turkey one tastes even better.

It takes about 4-5 minutes each side on medium heat. The product is way cuter than the normal waffle.

A sneak peak into the inside should convince you to give it a try. This just looks like when waffle married with panini, hahaha.

To make it even more fun, I orchestrated a "poetic" breakfast bowl for my Dad. I called it "Fish to the Moon". The only thing I didn't think through was the fact that my Dad doesn't like cheese so he really just ate the "moon".

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