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Taste of Niagara

After six good hours of driving, we finally arrived at Niagara Fall. I have been here 3 times in the past but the first being on the Canadian side. And I have to say, it is true - much prettier on this side!

Getting here is certainly not easy, not only counting the hours but also trying to keep my 11 month old entertained on the long road. He did just fine, and we made it!

Finding good food near the Fall was not easy, burgers and hot dogs just wouldn't do. I was very much looking forward to a nice breakfast at Paris Crepe House before we get the day started but only found out that they only open after 11:30 during weekdays... Talking about disappointments! Luckily, we did have a great meal at Rainbow Room to wrap up the day.

The place has a great combination of food and amazing view. Just looking at the view itself made me joy. I do recommend making a reservation ahead of time to secure the window seats. Chef Massimo Capra is a well known Chef in Canada. The food was refreshing and creative. I had some of the best dish ever!

We started out with Octopus Carpaccio. Visually astonishing but a little bit too much on the acidity for our taste. But I still applaud the use of charred corn as part of the dish, it just made it super refreshing and sprinkled drips of sweetness through.

My entry was West Coast Wild Halibut. It came with butternut squash risotto and truffle honey scallop and prawn. I never get tired of risotto! The truffle honey gave a nice layer of flavor to the dish.

Now, Mr C ordered Linguini Carbonara . It was cooked with smoked chicken, bacon and zucchini. It sounded a little boring at first and normally I would oppose when he shows the intend to go for something flat. But it was at the end of the day and I lost my will to control what he wants to order. But I was so glad he did, because it was packed with flavor, flavor that I never thought possible with such simple ingredients. It must be the smoked chicken!


All in all, a great meal, and here is another view before wrapping up the day.

Our second day was a winery tour. My Canadian friends gave me a few winery names to try. After my filtering through all kinds of online reviews, I locked my eyes on Peller Estate. The reason being not only do they have great ice wine but also great food right on the premise.

It was my first time join a winery tour. Having a guide talking through the history and interesting facts behind the wines were helpful. The highlight of the tour was the tasting of ice wine down inside the ice cellar. We each got a coat to put on and went inside of the igloo room, drinking super cold ice wine amongst the ice bricks, that was fun!

I waited long enough for the lunch! The onsite restaurant is a four-diamond-star dining, one of the top places in Canada. We asked for outside seating just so we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and also make it easier for the kids.

Those were the seats in front of our table. That was a picture perfect dining view. Now the restaurant is best known for its tasting menu. You never know what you'll get for the day. The price couldn't be more reasonable. For 4 course tasting, it was just about $40 some US dollars. So bring them on!

The first course was cured salmon with strawberries, very summerly.

The second course was a corn meal chowder with some truffle cheese, very hearty and Annabelle liked it too.

Next came the steak with summer veggies, super flavorful. The veggies were grown right in the garden, they were naturally sweet and fresh.

And finally the dessert with peach and buttermilk panna cotta! Artfully plated, just the way I like it!

My trip to the Niagara was the perfect experience of great scenery and awesome food and wine, I look forward to come back again! Next stop - Toronto!

Girl in a Winery

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