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Taste of Chicago

I have been to Chicago a few times in the past but never had I got the opportunity to fully explore its cuisine. Finally, the time came to make another trip there for my cousin's graduation and I was eager to adventure!

It was Annabelle's first trip to the city. Even though we have taken her to quite a few places in the past, she hardly remembers any. This time would be different now that she is old enough. Our stay was only 2 days, so we made sure to make every meal count.

Our first food encounter was the breakfast place called Yolk. It is just a few steps away from the hotel and from the various reviews, it is said to have a very modern take on the breakfast. We were certainly happy with our orders - an omelet with avocado, an egg benedict with chorizo and a red velvet French toast. They were indeed quite refreshing and different from the usual usual.

We loved the omelet with the avocado, what a brilliant idea! Sure will try that at home soon. The red velvet French toast was also quite clever. Annabelle enjoyed her platter very much.

Well fed and happy, we took a stroll down to the Navy's pier and enjoyed a very fun morning with the speed boating, carousel, swings and the newly built Ferris Wheel.

Our lunch spot was at the Purple Pig. I always loved tapas style meal where I can try many different things. And this place offers some very creative plates. When I saw things like milk braised pork shoulder, pork tongue, beef tendon chips, I know I came to the right place!

Pork Tongue

Fried Beef Tendon Chips

Milk braised pork shoulder

Pork hotdog


Our favorite dishes were the milk braised pork shoulder and the pork hot dog. They both are incredible tender and flavorful.

We spent the afternoon touring the beautiful campus of U Chicago with my cousin as our guide. It was such an exciting thing to graduate and get ready for the next adventure of her life. To celebrate this milestone, we got invited to dine at the Michelin star restaurant Acadia. In store for us was 10 course tasting menu, even for Annabelle!

The food was presented artistically, the flavors were solid. We (the ladies) admired each dish with awe. The guys on the other hand showed their usual sarcasm on the portions of each dish :)

The most real reactions (and entertainment) came from Annabelle. Even though she has been to other Michelin places, this is her first full course tasting menu. The restaurant was kind enough to bring her special treats. She was impressed by the food at the first few dishes and asked to come back the next day! As the meal went on, well, you'll see how time defeated her enthusiasm, after all, a 5-hour meal is quite a task for a 7-year-old!

The next day, we quickly recovered from the food coma and ready for another round. A few blocks away was a French café called Pierrot Gourmet. I fell in love with the place right after step in -

Did you see the pastry choices!

Vanilla Black Tea

Popover with chicken and veggies

Flat bread with scrambled egg and bacon

Vanilla Mille Feuille

Coconut Dome with passion fruit filling

The popover was the best I ever had! The flat bread was simple but delicious. I can see myself making these at home soon! The coconut dome had the perfect balance of sweet and tart, cake and fillings. The most impressive thing was Annabelle could finish the whole platter of grilled ham and cheese plus chips, plus fruits, and plus the desserts!

Each of our self-paid meals were only around $60 for the three of us combined. The food were not only great but also very much affordable!

This is a great city for your taste buds!

Don't forget what we were here for - the graduation!

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