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Cinderella Cake

For my niece's 5 year birthday, I decided to make her a cake. I asked her what her favorite princess is and she said "Sleeping Beauty". Well, aunty doesn't have the tool for that, what I do have is a Cinderella set so I convinced her that Cinderella is really the best one. I'm very grateful that she accepted that :)

The rest of the cake making was also a negotiation process and the end result was a cake that both the 5-year-old and the aunty loved. The base is a angel food cake with strawberries and cream.

I enlisted the most talented little decorator, my 7-year-old to do the layering and piping.

And after the decorations, here is the one and only Cinderella cake.

The little birthday girl was thrilled at the cake and jumped up and down with joy. The biggest validation for me was when she acknowledges me as the best aunty!

A peek of the inside.

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