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Saigon Crepe with foie gras

Saigon Crepe is a Vietnamese pancake that I fell in love with after trying it at a local Vietnamese restaurant years ago. The traditional one is super crispy and has shrimp and vegetables filled inside. This one is certainly anything but traditional, and perhaps not even authentic (actually I'm pretty sure of that). It started in my head as I was rummaging my pantry to look for things that would go with the duck foie gras I bought for the weekend. It was against my better judgement to buy the duck foie gras as I always believed that it is no match to the goose one. But I already felt lucky that I could even find it in a local grocery store. Adding in some scallion, diced apple, fig jam with brandy sauce - the end product was not bad at all! And may I say, quite affordable as well.

The batter for the crepe is made mainly with rice flour and coconut milk. You can use this recipe as referrence. The creative part is the filling and here is how I made it:

Fuji Apple 1 diced into small pieces

Scallion 2 Sliced finelylenghwise (about 2 inches long)

Fig Jam 2 tablespoon

Apple Brandy 2 tablespoon

Duck foie gras 1/2 cup

Cook the fig jam with the brandy in a small sauce pan for about 5 minutes to incorporate the flavors and get to a lighter texture. Take one piece of the crepe which should be super crispy, put on about 1 tablespoon of diced apple, several slices of scallion, a few teaspoon of the foie gras and layer on about 1 teaspoon of the jam brandy sauce.

Just imagine the rich, indulging foie gras meets with fruity sweet apple and right before you think it is crossing over to the sweet side, getting pulled back by the oniony scallion...

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