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Taste of Portland

Portland Oregon came to my radar after watching an episode of "Bizarre Food" by Andrew Zimmern, one of my favorite food travelers. When Mr. C got a business trip to Portland, I jumped on it and tagged along. Annabelle got excited about visiting another place and could not be more thrilled when she found out that the only downside for her to tag along is for her to "miss" a couple days of school. So, without a doubt, we went.

We could not be happier with the decision to visit, between the innovative foods to the breath-taking views, Portland won us over 120%. The fun part is to have Annabelle experience all these and capture it on video. You just have to watch to get a taste of what Portland can bring to your next food adventure.

Here are some of the highlights.

Trip outside of the city to experience the breath-taking views of the lake, water-fall and the Gorges.

Chic Donuts at Blue Star Donuts

Best Sandwich EVER at Olympia Provisions

Creative meats and dishes at Laurelhurst Market

For the specific scoops, here is "Eat the world with Annabelle - Portland OR"

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