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Remember Greece

My travel started long before my blog. After visiting dozens of countries, one of my top three favorites would be Greece - a reduction of thousands years of history combined with breath-taking scenary.

Our first stop was Athens. When my husband, Mr. C, gave me an array of hotel options, I set my eyes on Athen's Gate which has a unique feature - a roof top restaurant with a view of the Acropolis. I can't remember what we had there for our lunches and breakfasts anymore but I will always remember the view!

We also soon realized that views are everywhere. When we looked out from the patio, there was the temple of Olympia Zeus; a few steps down, there was the Hadrian's Gate.

Food in Greece is simple yet delicious. You can even taste the warmth from the sun. Our favoriate dish got to be grilled octopus or squid. It is no easy task to cook them just right. A little bit too long would make it rubbery. I still havn't fully figure out how to make it my own.

Lamb is also something worth tasting since it is a quite popular ingredient locally.

For upscale dining, we tried out AiNicolas, a seafood restaurant. They did a great job with their home made smoked fishes and I have to say the portions are bigger than I expected. Their plating is also something refreshing to me, a bit of controlled chaotic art.

A visit to the Central Market helped us to bring back home lots of Olives and Olive oils. The market is a everyday place for the locals for groceries. I was hoping there could be more eateries there to taste some street food but didn't find as many.

Our next stop was the beautiful Santorini! I was not sure if we were on an island or in a painting. Mr. C outdone himself again on selecting the lodging. This time it is Enigma Hotel which situates right on the cliff overseeing Aegean Sea.

The night life in Santorini is vivid with the side order of island lights.

To wow us even more, we woke up to a drooling tray of breakfast delivered right to our balcony. Can I stay here for forever, please.

Back then, I had not developed the savy of food research before my visit. But nothing was disappointing wherever we went. Just the view alone was best the sauce! Greece, I'll be back!


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