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Double Hazelnut Bread

Sunday has become my bread day. After years of trial and error, I finally start to feel the chi of bread making. The key to make a nice fluffy bread lies in two steps - one is start a simple yeast paste on the side and let it rise while making the main dough and mix the two later. This way, whatever I do wrong with the main dough is not going to ruin the rising. The other trick I learn is using gluton to improve the texture. I'll have to write them down in more detail another day. But what I am very proud of today is my new invention which uses hazelnut flour as part of the dough and a super indulging cream of hazelnut cream from Italy as the spread. My family finally ackonwledged my break making skill. This is a day to remember!

The bread is made with organic wheat flour and hazelnut flour, very nutty and hearty.

What made the bread sing was the incredible cream of hazelnut that I bought from Chelsea market a couple weeks ago. It gives the most aromatic hazelnut flavor with just the right level of sweetness. It is pure indulgence! Within an hour, we are half bottle down!

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