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In 1999, I left my home in China and came to the States for my graduate degree in Economics. The most fascinating thing was not the stranger world that made me think I'm not in Kansas anymore, nor the completely different language which I thought I mastered but found out they are spoken very differently than how I was taught. Instead, it was the small oven in my tiny little shared apartment and the realization that I can bake my own cake now!


If baking was out of my curiosity, cooking was really out of necessasity. With $500 scholarship a month and no other funds, I would not have been able to dine out anyway. Not willing to settle for anything less, I had to figure out how to cook good Chinese food using very limited ingredients. A guy who came that same year swept my feet away because he gave me two cook books after noticing my euthusiam for cooking!  Of course, he later became my husband and also confessed that he gave out the books really because he was hoping he could get some free food in return. Apparently he got more than what he had wished for.


What I would like to share on this blog are my ever since food stories. 



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